Henry Harrison MEANS

Male 1812 - 1893  (80 years)


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Will of Henry H. Means

and sale of personal property

I Henry H. Means, being of sound mind, and over twenty one years of age; do make this my last will and testament.
First: I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Secondly: I will that all of my personal property at the time of my death be sold, also all of my Real Estate. To wit: 80 acres of the West half of the South West quarter of section 11 Township 42 of Range 25. Also 10 acres being the South East 1/4 of the North West 1/4 of the North East quarter section 24, Township 42 of Range 25; all situated and being in Henry County Missouri – be sold and the proceeds of my personal property and Real Estate be divided among the heirs of Henry H. and Mary O. Means, deceased, as follows.
The heirs being; Samuel A. Means, Benjamin F. Means, Zachariah T. Means, Sarah M. married to R. T. Latty, Susan Ellen married to John E. James, Willard H. Means and Milton O. Means.
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah M. Latty two hundred dollars of the proceed of the above described real estate….[didn’t copy]…of me during my life, hereby revoking all former wills.
And I will and bequeath, that the balance of the proceeds from the sale of said Real Estate and personal property, after paying all expenses of administration, shall be equally divided between the forgoing several heirs.
I hereby appoint William Parks my Executor to settle up my estate according to the provisions of this will & the said Sarah M. Latty to remain in possession of and occupy the Mansion House for one year after my death, free of rent. & the said executor to make all necessary deeds to Real Estate when sold & to rent said farm to the best advantage for said estate till sold.
H.H. Means
We attest the above and forgoing will subscribing our names hereto as witnesses, in the presence of Henry H. Means the testator.
This 3rd day of September A.D. 1892
D. R. Whitly

Sale Bill of Personal Property
Sale Bill of the Personal Property of M. O. Means, Administrator of the Estate of H. H. Means made by M.O. Means (at private sale) of said Deceased, on the 13th day of Nov 1893.
1 silver watch              B. F. Means  $ 5.00
1 single buggy S. A. Means 15.00
1 lumber wagon M. O. Means 5.00
1 corn planter & housing R. T. Latta 5.00
2 furning plows S. A. Means .50
1 lot tools M. O. Means 2.00
1 grind stone & houging M. H. Means 1.25
1 bed stead & springs R. T. Latta 5.00
1 set chairs R. T. Latta 2.00
1 rocking chair B. F. Means .75
1 clock R. T. Latta 1.00
1 mirror R. T. Latta .25
1 stand table M. H. Means 1.00
1 cook stove R. T. Latta 5.00
1 bureau R. T. Latta 1.00
1 dining table M. O. Means 1.10
1 safe R. T. Latta .25
1 milch cow M. O. Means 22.80
1 lot hay M. H. Kelly 5.00
30 bu corn .40 R. T. Latta 12.00
32 1/4 bu wheat .40 E. J. Maupin 12.90

Owner/SourceHenry Co, Courthouse
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