Memphis, Shelby Co, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVERY, Adele  3 Feb 1909Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7234
2 AVERY, Charles E.  31 May 1907Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7233
3 AVERY, Sara Woolfolk  4 Oct 1902Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7231
4 AVERY, William Powell  7 Feb 1904Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7232
5 BOND, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1931Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I1762
6 HARRIS, Rufus Wiley  15 Aug 1849Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I18442
7 PALMER, George H.  1847Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I155
8 SCHILLY, Ernest Jr.  3 Apr 1928Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7834
9 SCHILLY, Ernest Frank  26 Aug 1946Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7965
10 WADLEY, William Bert  13 Oct 1912Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ronald  20 Oct 1925Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I22066
2 HAYNES, Oscar  25 Jan 1964Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I17377
3 HAYNES, Samuel  Oct 1964Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I17375
4 LEE, Mary Augusta  20 Jun 1955Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7832
5 MCCULLOUGH, Mary Fuller  2 Mar 1997Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7808
6 MOODY, Burt Graves  7 Jan 1923Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7726
7 MOODY, Iddo Craft  12 Apr 1966Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7722
8 MOODY, John Burton  8 Oct 1938Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I4515
9 MOODY, John Burton III  21 Sep 2002Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7809
10 MOODY, Lester Eaton  16 Feb 1954Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7730
11 MOODY, Lucy Light  10 Nov 1979Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7728
12 MOODY, Needham Khan  18 Apr 1938Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7731
13 MOODY, Sudie Addie  26 Nov 1961Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7727
14 NOLAN, Floy Nell  23 Feb 1973Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I17380
15 ODINEAL, Milton George  May 1942Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I13199
16 PLOWS, Elsie Mary  12 Feb 1927Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I18150
17 SCHILLY, Ernest Jr.  19 Feb 2005Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7834
18 SCHILLY, Ernest Frank  20 Jan 1995Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7965
19 SIMS, Frank Morris  27 Nov 1975Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7826
20 SIMS, James Jefferson  14 Oct 1944Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7822
21 SLAYTON, Mary Jane  19 Aug 1991Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I10168
22 WADLEY, Jonathan Glover  2 Jan 1924Memphis, Shelby Co, TN I7835


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AVERY / POWELL  5 Nov 1901Memphis, Shelby Co, TN F2574
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