Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUSH, Charles Daniel  2 Mar 1871Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16166
2 BUSH, Grace Gertrude  Oct 1882Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16167
3 BUSH, Harry McKillip  7 Jul 1896Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16182
4 BUSH, Wilson E.  Apr 1867Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16168
5 FEWELL, Flora D.  1870Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I20413
6 FEWELL, Isa  1874Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I20414
7 FEWELL, Lucy M.  1878Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I20415
8 FULTZ, Cora Louise  Oct 1890Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16360
9 FULTZ, Helen Marshall  28 Jan 1896Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16361
10 FULTZ, Samuel Clyde  3 Jun 1900Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16362
11 GLASS, Lauris D.  14 Mar 1907Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16175
12 GLASS, Velma Evelyn  8 Oct 1907Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16186
13 GLAZE, Malinda Elmira  27 Sep 1847Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I6180
14 HULL, Arthur Ronald  1901Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16211
15 HUTCHINSON, Jessie M.  4 Jun 1876Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I21777
16 JANES, Frank Lee  10 Apr 1888Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16548
17 MILLER, Bertha May  13 May 1881Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I19120
18 ROUTSON, Sarah Mae  14 Feb 1888Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16553
19 SMITH, Berta Ethel  8 Aug 1871Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16311
20 WILLIAMS, Warren Willard  17 Mar 1878Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLESSING, Abram G.  21 Nov 1937Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16315
2 BUSH, Charles Daniel  4 Mar 1946Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16166
3 BUSH, Wilbur Sherman  22 Oct 1949Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16281
4 BUSH, Wilson E.  26 May 1923Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16168
5 COMPTON, Laura  26 Sep 1933Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16204
6 CORN, Roy  21 Jul 1998Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16188
7 EASTMAN, Catherine  21 Aug 1954Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16253
8 FULTZ, Cora Louise  6 Jan 1971Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16360
9 FULTZ, Helen Marshall  29 May 1994Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16361
10 FULTZ, Jacob Harmon  28 Nov 1932Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16325
11 FULTZ, Labias Oscar  1 Jul 1938Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16327
12 GLASS, Velma Evelyn  10 Apr 1990Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16186
13 GLAZE, William Squire  17 Sep 1915Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16304
14 HIDY, Lora Frances  17 Feb 1968Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16319
15 JANES, Thomas Adam  28 Nov 1963Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16547
16 KNOX, Mary J.  29 Jun 1893Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16252
17 MARSHALL, Clifton Russell  2 Nov 1939Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I17735
18 MARSHALL, Emma B.  5 Aug 1952Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16359
19 MARSHALL, Flora  7 Nov 1971Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I17736
20 MCKILLIP, Ida May  9 Aug 1962Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16181
21 PARRETT, Bethana Wells  12 Feb 1938Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16299
22 PARRETT, Minerva Armitha  27 Jan 1942Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16300
23 REED, Anna Maria  21 Jun 1905Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16254
24 ROBBINS, John Elmer  21 Mar 1947Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I17739
25 ROBINSON, William Scott  4 Nov 1978Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16519
26 SHARP, Florence A.  1947Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16189
27 SMITH, Berta Ethel  3 Jan 1943Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16311
28 SMITH, Eli  12 Aug 1931Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16309
29 SMITH, Herman Jeremiah  6 Jan 1961Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16312
30 SMITH, Varella M.  Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16310
31 STRALEY, George Eldon  20 Apr 1927Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16314
32 TODHUNTER, Ivalou Ellen  21 Jun 1966Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16285
33 VANNORSDALL, Lucy Anne  31 May 1942Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16337
34 WATKINS, Myrtle  16 May 1978Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16215
35 WILLIAMS, Warren Willard  16 Feb 1960Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16214
36 YOEMAN, Dorothy Bell  3 Jun 1967Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BUSH, Charles Daniel  From 1923 to 1927Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16166
2 BUSH, Wilbur Sherman  Aft 1927Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16281
3 FULTZ, Cora Louise  Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16360
4 FULTZ, Labias Oscar  From 1922 to 1932Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16327
5 GLAZE, Otto J.  Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH I16207


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MARSHALL / GAULT  21 Dec 1912Jeffersonville, Fayette Co, OH F6128
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