Chamois, Osage Co, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOGLER, Julia Sophia  28 Apr 1898Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15464
2 BOSS, Alice Marie  5 Feb 1925Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20321
3 BOSS, Alverda  19 Feb 1932Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20324
4 BOSS, Anthony  1900Chamois, Osage Co, MO I14834
5 BOSS, Cecelia Elizabeth  27 Sep 1913Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20311
6 BOSS, Clara  28 Dec 1915Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20312
7 BOSS, Donald Joseph  21 Jan 1933Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20175
8 BOSS, Edith Elizabeth  8 Mar 1904Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20308
9 BOSS, Edna Katherina  15 Apr 1927Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20322
10 BOSS, Elmer Richard  15 Apr 1927Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20298
11 BOSS, Emma Regina  28 Apr 1897Chamois, Osage Co, MO I14833
12 BOSS, Ervin Frank  25 Sep 1915Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20300
13 BOSS, Evelyn Julia  17 Mar 1929Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20323
14 BOSS, Frederick George  15 Mar 1921Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20166
15 BOSS, Genevive Elisabeth  21 Jan 1920Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20169
16 BOSS, Henry John  25 Oct 1867Chamois, Osage Co, MO I14835
17 BOSS, Hugo Anton  10 Feb 1910Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20310
18 BOSS, John Hermann  16 Oct 1896Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20179
19 BOSS, Larry A.  17 Jul 1938Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20317
20 BOSS, Lawrence  Abt 1907Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20309
21 BOSS, Leo Peter  4 Jan 1907Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20304
22 BOSS, Maria Johanna  13 Oct 1894Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12470
23 BOSS, Mary Agnes  4 Nov 1912Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20350
24 BOSS, Otto Herman  11 Jun 1892Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12469
25 BOSS, Otto John  23 Feb 1935Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20318
26 BOSS, Pauline  28 Feb 1959Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20315
27 BOSS, Rosella Alice  21 Jan 1920Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20170
28 BOSS, Wilhelm Joseph  14 Apr 1897Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15509
29 BOSS, Wilhelmina  4 Jul 1890Chamois, Osage Co, MO I694
30 BOSS, William Otto  11 May 1919Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20302
31 BUDNIK, Albert J.  12 Feb 1915Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20085
32 BUDNIK, Barbara Jean Irene   I20644
33 FERGUSON, Arthur Jacob  2 Jul 1901Chamois, Osage Co, MO I2256
34 FRANKEN, Hubert George  7 Apr 1903Chamois, Osage Co, MO I18874
35 GIESING, Alverta Maria  7 Jan 1922Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20171
36 GIESING, August  21 Jan 1889Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20176
37 GIESING, Sr. Barbara Caroline  19 Jan 1917Chamois, Osage Co, MO I707
38 GIESING, Elizabeth Marie  8 Apr 1927Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20164
39 GIESING, George Joseph  2 Oct 1884Chamois, Osage Co, MO I705
40 GIESING, Kathleen Alice  31 Jan 1929Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20159
41 GIESING, Lorene Mary  7 Aug 1915Chamois, Osage Co, MO I706
42 GIESING, Louise Carolina  12 Apr 1923Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20172
43 GIESING, Oscar Ferdinand  22 Dec 1893Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20178
44 GIESING, Otto Paul  19 Jun 1891Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20177
45 GIESING, Raymond  4 Dec 1912Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12912
46 GIESING, Ruth Virginia  7 Apr 1924Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20162
47 GIESING, Theodora Elisabeth  10 Sep 1886Chamois, Osage Co, MO I13097
48 HACKMANN, Dale William   I14846
49 HACKMANN, Donna Rae   I14847
50 HACKMANN, Kenzy Rae Marie   I20674

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAUMSTARK, Clarine Margaret  2 Aug 2017Chamois, Osage Co, MO I2
2 BENNING, Joseph Herman  10 Jan 1963Chamois, Osage Co, MO I18843
3 BLACKMAN, Pamela Sue  23 Jul 2010Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20868
4 BOGLER, Julia Sophia  20 Aug 1977Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15464
5 BOSS, Anthony  1900Chamois, Osage Co, MO I14834
6 BOSS, August  14 Oct 1949Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12632
7 BOSS, Charles Cornelius  2 May 1954Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12621
8 BOSS, Emma Regina  20 May 1937Chamois, Osage Co, MO I14833
9 BOSS, Ervin Frank  4 May 1938Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20300
10 BOSS, Frederick George  18 Sep 2001Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20166
11 BOSS, John Herman  13 Jun 1904Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3440
12 BOSS, Joseph Wilhelm  18 Apr 1972Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12619
13 BOSS, Otto Herman  10 Feb 1954Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12469
14 BOSS, Wilhelm Joseph  6 Jan 1919Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15509
15 BOSS, Wilhelmina  28 Aug 1971Chamois, Osage Co, MO I694
16 EGGENBERG, Ellen  10 Sep 1973Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3469
17 FERGUSON, Arthur Jacob  4 Mar 1964Chamois, Osage Co, MO I2256
18 GIESING, Louise Carolina  6 Nov 1923Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20172
19 GIESING, Theodora Elisabeth  22 Oct 1962Chamois, Osage Co, MO I13097
20 GIESING, Walter Emil  22 May 1948Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20152
21 GOSEN, Caroline  27 Aug 1935Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3447
22 HACKMANN, Alfred Joseph  3 Jan 1972Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12913
23 HOLZEM, Lambert Friederic  8 Mar 1918Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12805
24 KAULLEN, Jane K.  16 Oct 2014Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20859
25 KEILHOLZ, Agnes Ann  17 Jul 1998Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3382
26 KEILHOLZ, Clarence Francis  13 Jun 2010Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20849
27 KEILHOLZ, George Joseph  6 Feb 1991Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20843
28 KLIMAS, Ida  29 Oct 1890Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15505
29 LACY, Karen Yvonne  1 Feb 2005Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15444
30 MERTENS, Lorenz J.  17 May 1920Chamois, Osage Co, MO I19012
31 MERTENS, Peter Herman  29 May 1963Chamois, Osage Co, MO I19013
32 MEUSER, Wilhelm  15 Sep 1918Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15514
33 NOLTE, Henry J.  10 Nov 2017Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20941
34 SCHOLLMEYER, Florence Ruth  10 Feb 1973Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20167
35 SCHOLLMEYER, Frank Joseph  8 Apr 2015Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20889
36 SCHUTH, Albert B.  22 Jan 1962Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15459
37 SENEVEY, Julia  25 May 1965Chamois, Osage Co, MO I15516
38 SIEBERN, Arthur Henry  18 Oct 1954Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20326
39 STARKE, Anna Maria  2 Jan 1939Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12638
40 STARKE, Hugo Albert  5 Feb 1976Chamois, Osage Co, MO I13025
41 STARKE, Jerome Joseph  17 Jul 2005Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12594
42 SUESS, Harry William  19 Aug 2000Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20161
43 TOWNLEY, Opal Martina  4 Jun 1930Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12842
44 TOWNLEY, Pearl Agnes  14 Feb 1974Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20153
45 WOLZ, George Jacob  14 Jan 1960Chamois, Osage Co, MO I689
46 WOLZ, Herbert John  17 Jun 2005Chamois, Osage Co, MO I695
47 WOLZ, John George  12 Jan 1946Chamois, Osage Co, MO I107
48 WORTMANN, John  16 Apr 1888Chamois, Osage Co, MO I12634


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOSS, Edith Elizabeth  Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20308
2 GOSEN, Caroline  29 Aug 1935Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3447
3 SIEBERN, Arthur Henry  21 Oct 1954Chamois, Osage Co, MO I20326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 KEILHOLZ, Rosemary A.  Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3835
2 KEILHOLZ, Rosemary A.  Chamois, Osage Co, MO I3835
3 KUHLMANN, Maurice Alvin  Chamois, Osage Co, MO I661


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   26 Nov 1918Chamois, Osage Co, MO F7077
2 BOSS / NAHLER  21 Aug 1894Chamois, Osage Co, MO F7105
3 BOSS / TOWNLEY  4 Jun 1926Chamois, Osage Co, MO F4458
4 GERRITSEN / BRIGHT  18 May 1968Chamois, Osage Co, MO F6535
5 HASLAG / BOSS  31 Mar 1951Chamois, Osage Co, MO F7126
7 KEILHOLZ / BUSCHER  6 Jan 1962Chamois, Osage Co, MO F7329
9 MEANS / SCHWERMER  3 Feb 1929Chamois, Osage Co, MO F187
10 ROST / MEHMERT  8 Nov 1949Chamois, Osage Co, MO F1396
11 SIEVER / SIEBERN  1 Apr 1967Chamois, Osage Co, MO F7138
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