Calhoun, Henry Co, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAIR, Earl Howard  26 Sep 1889Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9200
2 AMICK, Maranda Reavis  8 May 1919Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4303
3 AMICK, Walter Mason  12 Feb 1873Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4274
4 ASKINS, Aubrey Alfred  19 Aug 1888Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I13975
5 ASKINS, Edith Arbell  9 Feb 1920Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I2150
6 ASKINS, Ledrue Alfred  30 May 1915Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I2152
7 ASKINS, Lulu J.  19 Feb 1872Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9034
8 AVERY, Eulalie  27 Aug 1886Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4347
9 AVERY, George Green  23 Jul 1863Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4267
10 AVERY, Gordon Gilmore  4 Dec 1891Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9531
11 AVERY, James Henry  17 Sep 1859Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9493
12 AVERY, Mary Elizabeth  5 Oct 1858Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7028
13 AVERY, Pleasant  2 Nov 1852Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9490
14 BRICKER, Rebecca Jane  22 Oct 1841Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8988
15 BULLOCK, Howard Temple  21 Jul 1910Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9561
16 CARROLL, Maud Mae  29 Nov 1891Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I11536
17 COMBS, Grace Maude  18 Jan 1889Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I11528
18 EAST, Martha A.  6 Jan 1851Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8489
19 EAST, Mary George  13 Apr 1850Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6825
20 ELBERT, Etta E.  18 Jun 1872Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6329
21 FARMER, Etta Ann  31 Dec 1890Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9036
22 FARMER, Leona Pearl  1 Dec 1896Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4302
23 FEWELL, Annie Mildred  26 Nov 1892Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4528
24 FEWELL, Clarence Avery  28 Aug 1897Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I5121
25 FEWELL, Frederic Downing  17 Sep 1894Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I5117
26 FEWELL, Henry Colby  14 Oct 1888Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4527
27 FEWELL, Louise Allene  12 May 1906Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7913
28 FEWELL, Milton Calvin  14 Sep 1847Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4525
29 FINKS, Earl Graham  6 Aug 1924Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8479
30 FINKS, Emma Mae  21 Jun 1875Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8466
31 FINKS, Harry Freeling Sr.  3 Nov 1882Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7141
32 FINKS, Milton D.  23 Nov 1845Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8460
33 FINKS, Walter Lee  2 Jan 1868Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7134
34 GARRETT, Lilian  25 Aug 1883Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6374
35 GEORGE, America Jane  4 Feb 1849Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9045
36 GEORGE, James Henry Sr.  24 Jun 1844Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8935
37 GUTRIDGE, Ollie M.  21 Aug 1870Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9179
38 HARRIS, Benjamin W.  4 Oct 1883Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9632
39 HERNDON, Julius G.  10 Sep 1881Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9865
40 JONES, Ethlyn Bonita  10 Nov 1909Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8967
41 JONES, Floyd Kenneth  12 Nov 1912Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8963
42 JONES, Hazel Nadene  22 Oct 1926Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I18135
43 JONES, Lena Roberta  24 Sep 1877Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8950
44 JONES, Reuben Eugene  9 Aug 1891Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8955
45 JONES, Rolla Ray  20 Jun 1897Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8956
46 JONES, Walter Edward  26 Sep 1917Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4316
47 KNOX, Lillie M.  4 Jun 1856Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9071
48 LATTA, Flummer LeRoy  9 Nov 1895Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8525
49 LEATON, Harriet Ann  8 Dec 1851Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8403
50 LEGG, John P.  18 Sep 1837Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8699

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMICK, Charles Edgar  2 Mar 1936Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4301
2 ASKINS, Aubrey Alfred  3 Nov 1949Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I13975
3 ASKINS, Lulu J.  9 May 1934Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9034
4 AVERY, Lelia Ethel  28 Oct 1978Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4314
5 AVERY, Merrill Gordon  20 Apr 1940Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4308
6 AVERY, Nancy Elizabeth  31 Oct 1936Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7006
7 AVERY, Ponsonby Green  31 Jan 1863Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9487
8 BASS, Julia Ann  3 Nov 1904Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7418
9 BOOTON, Clarissa Margaret  7 Apr 1883Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8958
10 BOYD, James Allen  4 Apr 1938Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7060
11 BRICKER, William C.  2 Dec 1902Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8989
12 BURNISON, Margaret  19 May 1915Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6373
13 DANNATT, Samuel  10 Apr 1927Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8960
14 EAST, Mary George  11 Mar 1940Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6825
15 FARMER, George Calvin  5 Jan 1938Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8442
16 FEWELL, Sarah Ann  7 Apr 1866Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I3377
17 FEWELL, Susan Ann  21 Mar 1919Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4250
18 FINKS, Rev. Arthur Wayman  17 Feb 1890Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7133
19 FINKS, Emma Mae  9 Dec 1927Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8466
20 FINKS, Mary Jane  5 Aug 1924Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8455
21 FINKS, Milton D.  14 Apr 1924Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8460
22 FINKS, Norman Mark  14 Aug 1909Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7140
23 FINKS, Walter Lee  29 Aug 1922Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7134
24 FRYER, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1893Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6069
25 GEORGE, America Jane  28 Feb 1923Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9045
26 GEORGE, James Henry Sr.  6 May 1929Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8935
27 GRAY, Dr. Alfred A.  31 May 1929Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9096
28 GRAY, Dr. John Thomas  4 Jun 1902Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4395
29 GREEN, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1846Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4404
30 GUTRIDGE, Rev. Peyton  14 Apr 1875Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I11945
31 GUTRIDGE, William Walter  18 Aug 1939Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I14125
32 HARRIS, Eugene Joel  26 Feb 1928Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8762
33 HASTAIN, Thomas Jefferson  1908Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7330
34 HERNDON, Richard  16 Feb 1901Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9863
35 HOLLAND, Mary Elizabeth  19 May 1928Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9032
36 HOSTIN, Marjorie Lee  27 Aug 2000Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9062
37 INLOES, Edith Beryl  1978Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8973
38 JONES, Acrey Berry Sr.  16 Jun 1880Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8957
39 JONES, Reuben Addison  27 Jan 1929Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8948
40 JONES, Reuben Eugene  Oct 1977Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8955
41 JONES, Rolla Ray  26 Oct 1977Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8956
42 LEWIS, Augustus Dana  10 Feb 1853Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8870
43 LEWIS, Bettie Fitzhugh  26 Nov 1920Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8464
44 LEWIS, Emma Anne  9 Jan 1937Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I8823
45 MASTERS, Mary E.  11 Jul 1932Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I10018
46 MCFALL, Sarah James  15 Feb 1901Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I9862
47 MEANS, Dona Mae  25 Feb 1927Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I13158
48 MEANS, Milton Otis  12 Jul 1932Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I595
49 MERRITT, Mahala  16 Oct 1896Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4417
50 MULLINS, Myrtle  14 Jul 1939Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I4526

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BEATY, Jesse  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I6384
2 FINKS, Rev. Arthur Wayman  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7133
3 FINKS, Edna Emma  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7138
4 FINKS, Norman Mark  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I7140
5 KEYSER, Joseph Franklin  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I5500
6 MEANS, Milton Otis  Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I595
7 MEANS, Stella V.  1920Calhoun, Henry Co, MO I2103


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARMER / EAKENS  18 Mar 1880Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F3001
2 FEWELL / BUSH  20 Mar 1911Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F1811
4 MUNDAY / RITCHEY  24 Feb 1897Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F2994
5 PARKS / GARRETT  14 Dec 1876Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F3023
6 PIGG / HASTAIN  12 Oct 1861Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F2642
7 TILLMAN / LEATON  26 Jun 1873Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F2913
8 WARD / JONES  1 Sep 1946Calhoun, Henry Co, MO F6285
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