Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUGUSTINE, Barry Benjamin   I63
2 BACKES, Brian Christopher   I14881
3 BACKES, Carson   I14877
4 BACKES, Chad Michael   I14878
5 BACKES, Cole Christopher   I14880
6 BACKES, Derrick John   I14872
7 BACKES, Dustin John   I14879
8 BACKES, Janell Danae   I14868
9 BACKES, Richard R.   I14867
10 BACKES, Tracy Marie   I14873
11 BACKES, Wesley Joe   I14875
12 BASCOM, Susan Jane   I18943
13 BAUMSTARK, Charles Eugene  2 Jun 1931Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I11021
14 BELLER, Ann Marie   I11028
15 BELLER, John Marcus   I11140
16 BELLER, Samuel Fredrick   I11029
17 BELLER, Dr. William Charles   I11027
18 BIRK, Leo John  25 Oct 1945Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12393
19 BIRK, Michelle Lynn   I12286
20 BIRK, Roger Dale   I12144
21 BIRK, Shirley Ann  13 Sep 1935Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12363
22 BRANDT, Eileen   I18855
23 EPPLE, Gustav Anton   I20648
24 FERGUSON, Bonnie Lou   I66
25 FISCHER, Eda Matilda  10 May 1860Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I7597
26 GERLOFF, Chelsie Renee   I11467
27 HACKMANN, Aaron Christopher   I14864
28 HACKMANN, Gary William   I12298
29 HACKMANN, Gavin Randall   I14917
30 HACKMANN, Gina Louise   I12294
31 HACKMANN, Hannah Jewel   I14866
32 HACKMANN, Sean Dale   I14862
33 HACKMANN, Shelly Renae   I14863
34 HACKMANN, Trisha Marie   I15044
35 HASLAG, Dawson   I21013
36 HENLEY, Corrine Annette   I14891
37 HENLEY, Craig Ryan   I3841
38 HENLEY, Myron Christian   I14890
39 HOELSCHER, Matthew Ross   I11343
40 HUMM, Carol Ruth   I4146
41 HUMM, Diana Lynn   I4149
42 HUMM, Kenneth Lee  3 Mar 1952Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I4148
43 HUMM, Richard Carl  5 Apr 1937Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I630
44 HUMM, Robert Gene   I4147
45 JAEGER, Ruth Ann   I18846
46 JONES, Donald Lee  2 Sep 1931Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I625
47 KEILHOLZ, Amanda Daniel   I20985
48 KEILHOLZ, Andrew John   I20857
49 KEILHOLZ, Colleen Gail   I20864
50 KEILHOLZ, David Lawrence   I20861

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUGUSTINE, Clara Margaret  4 Mar 1981Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I10741
2 BAUMSTARK, John Louis  13 Jun 1946Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I11022
3 BELLER, John Fredrick  15 Feb 1954Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I11025
4 BIRK, Alphonse Emil  25 Sep 1999Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I4087
5 BOSS, Carolina Alma  28 Feb 1993Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12831
6 BOSS, Dora Florence  15 May 2011Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I20320
7 BOSS, Elmer Richard  20 Aug 1994Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I20298
8 BOSS, Eugene Julius  1 May 1990Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12838
9 BOSS, Gasena Katharine  15 Jul 1970Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12732
10 BOSS, Helen Mary  15 May 1999Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12835
11 BOSS, Lawrence Peter  4 Jun 1946Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12832
12 BOSS, Lorene Christina Louisa  22 Mar 2001Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12848
13 BOSS, Selma Joanna  8 Dec 1988Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12834
14 BUDNIK, Albert J.  26 Nov 1993Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I20085
15 BUDNIK, Dorothy Sophia  17 Apr 2017Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I20585
16 BUECKER, Catherine Maria  10 Oct 1951Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I757
17 EBERLIN, Maria Ella  27 Jan 1987Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I10761
18 EPPLE, Joseph Louis  21 Jan 1993Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I10759
19 ERHART, George  Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I9888
20 FEHLINGS, Mary Margaret  27 Nov 1972Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12712
21 HACKMANN, Carl William  1 Aug 2008Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I14998
22 HACKNEY, Gen. J. S.  26 Jan 1895Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I14128
23 HAHNE, Anna G.  29 Oct 1993Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12542
24 HOLLOWAY, Lucinda Elizabeth  14 Nov 1953Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I11512
25 HUESGEN, Gertrude Mary  3 Jun 1973Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12803
26 JENNINGS, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1990Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I7911
27 KLIMAS, Helen Ann  23 Aug 1959Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I15506
28 KLIMAS, Paulina Agnes  30 Jan 1966Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I15508
29 KLIMAS, Selma Clara  20 Feb 1912Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I15507
30 KLIMAS, William  16 Apr 1918Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12682
31 KUEBLER, infant  5 Nov 1943Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I15566
32 KUEBLER, Martin Ignacia  9 Dec 1916Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I15567
33 KUEBLER, Nicholas  2 Nov 1918Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3561
34 LAMPKIN, James J.  7 Nov 2000Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I14664
35 LINDSAY, Judge James Dewitt  18 Aug 1930Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I5997
36 LUEBBERT, John H.  18 Feb 1997Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12841
37 MCKINNEY, Opal Viola  28 May 2015Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3383
38 MERTENS, Edward Hubert  20 Jul 1963Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12733
39 MERTENS, Geneva Anna Antonia  15 Oct 1986Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12966
40 NOLTE, Marvin John  30 May 2001Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12114
41 NOLTENSHEID, Odelia  Dec 1989Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I13029
42 OKAMOTO, Yaiko Clara  20 Jun 1999Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12275
43 RIPSTEIN, Bertha Emma  12 Jan 1943Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I12625
44 ROST, Alban Henry  6 Dec 2015Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3795
45 ROST, Edward Alban  15 Jul 2002Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3831
46 ROST, Myron Charles  24 Aug 2002Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3796
47 RUSH, Maude Alice  11 Dec 1938Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I5862
48 SANDERS, Irene Emogene  7 May 2016Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I548
49 SMITH, Pearl Ethel  12 Dec 2003Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I4089
50 STARKE, Ella Helen  31 Jan 1990Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I13023

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 EPPLE, Joseph Louis  Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I10759
2 ROST, Edward Alban  Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO I3831


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 HARVEY / ROST   F7578
3 REHAGEN / ROST   F6534
4 REYNOLDS / PARTY  11 Apr 1934Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO F7227
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