Berger, Franklin Co, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUG, Christina  29 Mar 1859Berger, Franklin Co, MO I10944
2 HUG, Louise Veronica  14 Sep 1879Berger, Franklin Co, MO I14645
3 KALLMEYER, Adolph Fredrick  5 Dec 1876Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12755
4 LABOUBE, Daniel Henry  5 May 1885Berger, Franklin Co, MO I17694
5 LABOUBE, Joseph Xavier  14 Nov 1851Berger, Franklin Co, MO I10943
6 MEYER, Ida  20 Jun 1871Berger, Franklin Co, MO I11952
7 NOEDEL, Lorraine Ella  22 Nov 1923Berger, Franklin Co, MO I19146
8 NOLTE, Agnes Elisabeth  20 Nov 1876Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12436
9 NOLTE, Almira Cecelia  2 Mar 1882Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3467
10 NOLTE, Catharine Justina  19 Jun 1857Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12979
11 NOLTE, Edmund  Jun 1855Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3599
12 NOLTE, Henry Louis  19 Jun 1857Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12980
13 NOLTE, Maria Josepha  4 Aug 1860Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12981
14 PETERS, Clara Margaret  2 Oct 1896Berger, Franklin Co, MO I18956
15 PFAUTSCH, Dorothy L.  7 Mar 1944Berger, Franklin Co, MO I11964
16 PFAUTSCH, Hugo Cornelius  8 Aug 1900Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12012
17 PFAUTSCH, John  11 Oct 1945Berger, Franklin Co, MO I11965
18 REINHOLZ, Alma Alvina  2 Nov 1873Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3610
19 SPECKHALS, Anna Catherine  7 Mar 1891Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12082
20 SPECKHALS, Maria Emma  28 Aug 1895Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12905
21 STROTHMANN, William F. E.  14 Aug 1914Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3551
22 WILDING, Adolph Joseph  10 Mar 1888Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12073
23 WILDING, Agnes Justina  8 Nov 1889Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12074
24 WILDING, Clarence Herman  20 Jan 1918Berger, Franklin Co, MO I19139
25 WILDING, Clement S.  23 Dec 1909Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12080
26 WILDING, Edward Eimert  14 Oct 1870Berger, Franklin Co, MO I20756
27 WILDING, Florence  10 Jul 1920Berger, Franklin Co, MO I19140
28 WILDING, Frances Ursuka  4 Dec 1896Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12077
29 WILDING, Herman  3 Nov 1861Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3661
30 WILDING, Hermann G.  20 Apr 1912Berger, Franklin Co, MO I18970
31 WILDING, John  Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12087
32 WILDING, Joseph  11 Mar 1867Berger, Franklin Co, MO I20758
33 WILDING, Julius E.  1 Jan 1902Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12079
34 WILDING, Maynard P.  21 Feb 1926Berger, Franklin Co, MO I19141
35 WILDING, Olivia Rozina  18 Nov 1891Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12075
36 WILDING, Oswald Hermann  1899Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12078
37 WILDING, Pauline  24 Feb 1894Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12076
38 WILDING, Theodore Lambert  16 Apr 1905Berger, Franklin Co, MO I4079
39 WILL, Adeline A.  13 Sep 1921Berger, Franklin Co, MO I18910
40 WILL, Bernice Anna  27 Apr 1919Berger, Franklin Co, MO I18901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIRK, Alma Margaretha  25 Nov 1950Berger, Franklin Co, MO I4078
2 BIRK, Virgil Anthony  10 Jan 2001Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12169
3 GRONER, Dorothy S.  14 Mar 1994Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12089
4 HUG, Daniel  25 Feb 1880Berger, Franklin Co, MO I15905
5 HUG, Francis Xavier  26 Feb 1926Berger, Franklin Co, MO I11951
6 KELBEL, Karen Ann  22 Jan 2004Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12008
7 NOLTE, Arthur Peter  2 Aug 1931Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12984
8 NOLTE, Catharine Justina  20 Jul 1857Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12979
9 NOLTE, Henry  8 Jun 1879Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12687
10 NOLTE, Henry Louis  20 Jul 1857Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12980
11 PFAUTSCH, George Herman  12 Jan 1989Berger, Franklin Co, MO I11958
12 SPECKHALS, Anna Catherine  24 Mar 1953Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12082
13 VAN BOOVEN, George P.  Jun 1984Berger, Franklin Co, MO I18911
14 WILDING, Adolph Joseph  5 Dec 1950Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12073
15 WILDING, Agnes Justina  15 Jul 1972Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12074
16 WILDING, Edward Eimert  19 Oct 1931Berger, Franklin Co, MO I20756
17 WILDING, Eimert  2 Feb 1904Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3662
18 WILDING, Herman  19 Oct 1933Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3661
19 WILDING, Joseph  22 Feb 1941Berger, Franklin Co, MO I20758
20 WILDING, Olivia Rozina  8 Apr 1953Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12075
21 WILL, Henry C.  Sep 1972Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12083
22 WINDOLF, Justine  10 Nov 1876Berger, Franklin Co, MO I3663


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LABOUBE, Ewald  Berger, Franklin Co, MO I19902
2 NOLTE, Louis Edmund  Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12992
3 NOLTE, Mary Regina  Berger, Franklin Co, MO I12991


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LABOUBE / GATZEMEYER  6 Jun 1911Berger, Franklin Co, MO F6108
4 WILDING / NOEDEL  9 Jun 1951Berger, Franklin Co, MO F6654
5 WILDING / SPECKHALS  13 May 1917Berger, Franklin Co, MO F4171
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